Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ep14 - The "Howl" Episode

The much anticipated episode featuring Dj Howl is here. Visiting us all the way from Tokyo, Japan, Howl discusses what got him interested in djing, the digital music revolution and why vinyl will always be king. After a little scratchin, we get into our treats of the week, proceeded by an extreme display of turntable wizardry. So turn up the bass a little and get your neck brace ready. How Ill!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ep13 - The "Food" Episode

Things get a little crazy this week when we explore the edible world of Jermaine "the Greene Wherewolf". We talk about meat, knives and the cuts, all while listenin to some fresh beats from Pearson's Beats. We're introduced to a special guest brought to the studio by Jermaine and are barbequein some fresh ass lobster. Finally we bring to you an exclusive, unaired episode of the Kronillogical Chef. Keep your friends close and your bucket even closer.