Friday, October 12, 2007

Ep15 - The "Crazy Duane" Episode

With the use of Bob Shep's sick new Canon GL2 camera we shatter the 20 minuite mark while hangin out with the one and only "Crazy" Duane Lauzon. Duane is probly most well known for his brief appearance on the show "Canadian Idol". Duane explains the unique way that he was selected to be on the show. After a big shout out to the Pretty Hurt Crew (P.H.C.), we talk about the digital music revolution and the innovative way that Radiohead is distributing their new album "inRainbows". In the video this week, we're jammin food and cookin with...screws and all-purpose cleaner. ANyway, after that we get right into the treats of the week where we're learning to play guitar with After Bob pisses his pants, we finish off the show with a live performance of Duane's hit song "Get Back Cadillac". Make sure you download the song and keep on strumming!

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